Systems Engineering and Configuration Management

InDyne has excelled at applying Configuration Management (CM) and Systems Engineering (SE) approaches at Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB) locations and other, similarly large, industrial complexes to design, develop, integrate, and test complex systems, as well as to efficiently and effectively execute operations, maintenance, and sustainment (OM&S) activities for those systems.  InDyne provides a very low risk, superior-quality systems engineering capability developed over several decades.

InDyne’s many significant engineering achievements supported technology ranging from tube-type electronics to cutting edge digital processing technology, employing both COTS and one-of-a-kind designs.  We owe our success to strong Systems Engineering approach (which incorporates Configuration Management), the features of which include:

  • Integrated, scalable, and robust processes and toolsets for engineering, operations, maintenance, sustainment, and program management which can be tailored for use on any technical service contract.  Our processes and toolsets have proven highly successful in a wide range of technology and service applications, from aging legacy analog systems to state-of-the-art sensor/signal processing technology.
  • Incorporation of a System of Systems (SoS) approach, ensuring compatibility and interoperability are fully considered throughout a product’s life cycle. Our approach facilitates effective enterprise integration from technical and management perspectives.
  • Flexible, scalable, and thorough approach to executing projects of all complexity levels.  It reduces project timelines, is sensitive to customer needs, and ensures mission effectiveness at the highest levels of affordability.
  • Uniform SE Management for all software, hardware, and study projects.
  • Employment of all engineering disciplines to provide world-class technical services.